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Make this inexpensive holiday wreath from items from the dollar store!

by Cindy Rippe

This is such an easy, fun project for you and the kids....or just you! I bought all the materials at my local dollar store! You can mix the colors or do a monochromatic wreath in your favorite holiday colors! I did mine in all red, because that is my favorite color. The whole thing cost less than $15 dollars and you have the bragging rights because YOU made it! 

All you need is about 10 to 12  boxes of different sized bulbs

wire coat hanger

glue gun

ribbon or a ready made bow

take a wire coat  hanger and bend it into a circle like this:

Take a bulb (any size-- it doesnt matter) and pull the little top hanger part off of each bulb and hot glue the tops, then reattach so they won't pop off. Be careful not to burn your fingers!! 

let the glue dry and now the little top hanger is on secure, so that it won't pop off.

now you are ready to thread the bulbs onto the wire coat hanger. Just stagger the sizes of the bulbs onto the hanger.

Just keep threading all the bulbs onto the coat hanger until it is full...just remember to stagger the sizes. 

And this is what it will look like when it is all finished! Add a bow or some ribbon and you have a beautiful wreath that didn't cost too much and was pretty quick and easy to make! 

Happy Holidays!!!