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Hotel fines Bride & Grooms $500 for ALL negative reviews their guests post online!

by Susan Kennedy

A hotel in NY has started fining newlyweds if they or any wedding guests leave a negative review online. The fine is $500!! The hotel states the couples are aware of this ahead of time and if the negative post is removed they will retract the fine.

The first thing I thought of is...who would pay the fine!?! Take me to court! However, it looks like the hotel anticipated this and they actually deduct it from your deposit, plus they have you sign a contract agreeing to this! Who would get married here!? I'm assuming it's probably a really nice hotel..however because of this policy they are sitting at a 1- star rating on yelp!

Read some of the reviews here --> http://www.businessinsider.com/hotel-fines-brides-...