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2014 Wedding Trends

by Christy Taylor

According to The Knot, weddings with a woodsy, rustic theme will be all the rage this year, as well as photo booths90s music and entertainment and all-nighter weddings that keep the party going long after the reception ends.  

Tech-savvy couples will encourage guests to snap pics and use custom Instagram hashtags, providing phone-charging stations to ensure everyone’s batteries are fully charged.  

On the opposite end of the spectrum, others will shun social media entirely, requesting guests check their smartphones at the door. 

Now, this to me is wierd...
One plugged-in wedding trend we kind of can’t believe is taking off?  Internet-friendly proposals. Fifteen percent of women in a British poll said they’d prefer to be proposed to via tech device!  Of them, 40% hope their partner will pop the question on social media.  On the other hand, fewer than 10% want to be proposed to through song, dance or poem.