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Is It Or Isn't It?

by Tom King

The infamous day when Bob Dylan plugged in at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965 has become one of those days where what actually happened isn't as important as what we think happened. Did Dylan get booed heavily? (maybe) Did Pete Seeger threaten to cut the power cords with an ax?(doubtful). Did Dylan change the musical landscape forever ?(probably)

The question we are dealing with today though is...did the guitar he used that day disappear? The answer is apparantly yes and is in the possession of a woman named Dawn Peterson. The lawyers for peterson say that the dispute over ownership of the guitar and it's provenence have been settled which will allow her to sell it at auction along with some lyric sheets in Dylan's handwriting found in the guitar case. Dylan or his reps will reportedly sign off on the bill of sale.

The guitar was featured on an episode of "History's Dectectives" on PBS last year and an expert who examined the instrument said he was 99.9 per cent sure it was authentic. The value was put at $500,000 for the guitar and the lyric sheets at least $50,000.

Dylan had previously  claimed to still have the Newport guitar although he did admit that a guitar and some lyrics had been stolen back in the day. Now his camp has no comment.