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Iron Maiden's Beer a Smash Hit!

by Mark Cartwright

Iron Maiden fans are hard core.  They are some of the most rabid and loyal fans anywhere.  Need proof?  How about this?  Robinson's Brewery put our a tribute beer to Iron Maiden entitled, "Trooper."  Despite the fact that the brewery has yet to spend a dime on advertising, reports say that 3.5 million pints of the beer have been purchased, and it hasn't even been available for a year! 

Like I said, Iron Maiden fans are hardcore.  I haven't tried it yet, nor have I seen it locally, but if I ever see it, I'm definitely ordering one up!  It made me think of other beers they could make for bands.

Humble Pie - Hard Apple

Moby Grape - The Great White Wine

Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar Ale

The possibilities are endless!