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KISS Reissues Vinyl

by Mark Cartwright

If you're a fan of KISS, and still have a turn table, you're in luck!   The group will reissue nine classic albums on vinyl in March of this year.   They include the self-titled debut, Hotter Than Hell, Alive!, Destroyer, Dynasty, Lick It Up, Unmasked, Animalize and Revenge.  They're also finally releasing Psycho Circus on vinyl as well.   I know people who owned every single one of these when they came out, but of course, they're all beat up and full of scratches from being swapped out and left on the floor at the party. 
Isn't that the way it seemed to go?  At the end of the party, all the records were on the floor in front of the stereo?  And the floor of my car had cassettes all over the place, even though I had a HUGE cassette case.  It held 60 cassettes, and if you flipped it over, there were 60 more cassettes on the other side.  The problem was, if the latch gave way, the bottom fell open and I had 60 cassettes on the floor of the car.  Most of which got picked up immediately, but some would lay on the floor for days, or weeks, and in many cases ended up being used as an ice scraper.