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Paul Rogers proving ageless.

by Mark Cartwright

Paul Rogers amazes me.  If you were able to stomach Jay Leno for almost his entire show, the other night, then you deserved the treat at the end.  The night's musical guest was Bad Company. 

What?  No Biebster?  No pre-teen fabricated group of lip synced dancers?  You mean a real band, actually playing their instruments, and singing - gulp - LIVE?  Well, hang on to your hats folks, there are still some singers out there who regardless of age, don't have to tune down a step, and Paul Rogers is one of them.  Bad Company sounded fantastic, and at 63 years of age Paul Rogers was at the center - his throat a canon supported by two legs and two lungs.

I remember when Brian Howe took over the singing duties for Bad Company.  A great singer in his own right, Brian was able to keep Bad Co. relevant in the mid eighties, but alas, he was not well liked in the band.  I was more than happy to find out that Rogers' stint in Queen, although fun, was over, and that he was returning to make Bad Company true again.

See it for yourself on this link to Hulu.  It's at the very end. 


Mark Cartwright