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Rush to Re-release First Album

by Mark Cartwright

It was the summer of 1980, and my friend Sean and I were cruising in his '69 Mustang.  He pulled out a cassette.  "You ever heard this?"  He said.  He pulled out a cassette he had purchased from the cut out bin for a couple of bucks.  Rush is all it said on the cover.  Yes, I had heard of Rush, but new little about them.  Sean popped in the cassette, and played "In the Mood" for me.  I thought they were a pretty cool band, so we listened to the tape a couple times over.  Soon, "In the Mood" was a standard whenever we cruised in his Mustang.  That fall, Rush: Moving Pictures came out and we were totally hooked.  We played Rush for anyone who would listen, and to our surprise, lots of people liked them, even though they were so different.  Soon, we were in the record stores, buying 2112, Hemispheres, and A Farewell to Kings.  But it all started with that one old cassette.  So it's good to know that on April 15th, Rush will reissue that first album in a remastered vinyl deluxe edition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of it's release.  I figure I'll buy it, dump it onto cassette, (if I can find a working cassette recorder) and call my old buddy Sean for a drive.