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February Beatles Blog # 10

by David Louis

This weekend in 1964 The Beatles are getting ready for Sunday Night's second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Miami finally proved to be as fun as they thought America was going to be before their arrival a week earlier. They were still extremely busy doing interviews, rehearsing for The Sullivan Show and much to the excitement of American teenagers, doing a phone interview with Dick Clark for American Bandstand to air early Saturday afternoon.

Even a dress rehearsal was an event with well over 2000 people in attendance. There were to be 3,500 for the show. At least that's how many tickets were handed out. 900 of those never made it in as the capacity was set at 2,600.

In between the rehearsal and the show The Beatles did what most bands did. Girls, parties etc... No, just kidding. They went fishing.

When they finally hit the stage it was after Mitzi Gaynor , the headliner. I'm sure 70 million people tuned in for Mitzi Gaynor. Or maybe Myron Cohen as he was there too. Myron Floren I could understand!

On that second Sullivan appearance we were treated to "I Want To Hold Your Hand", "From Me To You", "This Boy", "I Saw her Standing There", "All My Loving" and "She Loves You".

Then it was time to party Miami Style. With Lobster!