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February Beatles Blog # 7

by David Louis

America's love affair with The Beatles kicked off on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9th, 1964. On this day in 64' They were on a train heading for tonight's show at the Washington Coliseum, Washington, DC. The Train was the mode of travel due to a snow storm making air travel sketchy. The Righteous Brothers,Tommy Roe and Jay & The Americans were the opening acts. CBS filmed The show and it was seen theaters across the country on 14th and 15th. 

We've all seen the footage but the next time you see the clips, look for the constant rain of jelly beans thrown from the audience. The Beatles made the mistake of mentioning they liked jelly beans. Imagine being pelted by jelly beans from all sides. They were performing in the round. George Harrison mentioned that one would hit a guitar string every so often & cause a bad note. Not that anyone would notice with all of the screaming!

Their day didn't get any better. After the show they were slated for an appearance at the British Embassy, where you would think they'd be safe. It ended with someone cutting off a lock of Ringo's hair (without his permission). A long day for sure.