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Husand-Wife Duo Thompson Square Just Added On to Their Family!

by Vanessa Ryan

Husband and wife Shawna and Kiefer Thompson, also known as Thompson Square recently added a new little one to the family...and by little, I mean little!

Meet Barkley, their new dog.  Kiefer and Shawna recently decided to add on to their family so their older dog Etta (pictured at the top with the couple) could have a buddy to play with.  

"I think they're gonna be really good friends and stuff," Kiefer says. "After losing our other dog, we thought, if we ever do dogs again, we're getting two so they'll have a companion...'cause we're always gone and stuff, so there's a lot of down time for one dog to just kind of be there by themselves. So, they'll have a brother and sister, so I think it'll be neat."

Keifer says watching them play is especially comical, since Etta is considerably larger.

"She's 13 pound muscle. It's like she's Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's like she's steroids. Like, Puppy roids. It's crazy," he says. "She is dying to play with Barkley, and they play a little bit, and she is gentle, like way more gentle than she is with me, because she knows he's small and stuff, but she'll like just hit him a little bit and Barkley goes flying across the room, but Barkley comes back and starts biting on her."

The duo just celebrated a week at number on with "If I Didn't Have You" off their new album Just Feels Good, and they continue on the Dirt Road Diaries tour with Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line May 17th in Virginia Beach.  

How many furbabies do you have?