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Where is Garth Brooks Playing Next?

by Jess Kelley

Last week Garth Brooks sold out all 10 shows in Chicago at the Allstate Arena. Yes all 10 shows!! Can you imagine? After being MIA in the country world and coming back and selling 10 shows in one city. That is unheard of. It's nice to see that people still like 'traditional' country music because we all know how much it has been changing over the years.

Well today Garth announced his next city... Atlanta Georgia!! Yes a little far but if you didn't get tickets to the Chicago show you still have a chance to see him live. Who knows he still hasn't announced his full tour dates yet, just Chicago and now Atlanta.

Anyways today he announced he will be playing at the Philips Area September 13. No word if he will have multiple shows like in Chicago but as of now just one.

Tickets are slightly more expensive averaging $71 a ticket in Chicago they were $65 a ticket.


Another interesting fact is that Garth Brooks tickets are 222% above the ticket price on aftermarket websites. The tickets average a whooping $211.13. I have 4 tickets but there is no way I am selling those bad boys! I'm going to see Garth Brooks. That is one country singer I have never seen.