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Is there REALLY anything new in the world of French Fries?

by Ken Lanphear

There have been few major developments in the world of French Fries since the French (or somebody)first lowered a potato into scalding hot cooking oil.  Except maybe the recent idea of just stuffing a burger or sandwich with fries and saving us the trouble of eating them separately.  How lazy are we anyway.

So, along comes Burger King trumpeting fries that have 40% less fat and 30% less calories and taste great and will make the world safe for indulging for generations to come.  Just cries out for a taste test, right?

Luckily, it's lunch time and Burger King is just down the street and here sits the new fries (pictured above in best temptation pose), so time to dive in!

The new fries, affectionately known as "Satisfries" are krinkle cut, a bit thicker than Burger King's regular fries. I don't know if part of the effort to cut the fat and calories involves undercooking the fries, but mine could have used another minute or so.  A little too much salt, but I complain about that with all fries I order. But, overall I have no quibble with the taste.

And, whether of not there is significantly less fat and calories in these fries will probably take many more trips for research and subsequent trips to the gym.  Which I'm more than willing to undertake.

I hope they'll be a success.  I'll give them another try.