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Swapping out foods and replacing them with healthier options cuts calories in a big way

by Jessie Hawkins
If you're like me and you are trying to lose or maintain your weight and you find it getting harder and harder...try swapping some foods to cut calories. For example the list below from FoxNews.com is very helpful!  Happy battling of the bulge!
  • Spread avocado on your whole grain toast in place of butter – You’ll save 78 calories per tablespoon.
  • Swap burger buns for lettuce wraps – That’s a 140-calorie difference per bun.
  • Trade spaghetti for spaghetti squash – In addition to cutting carbs, you’ll also cut 179 calories per cup.
  • Replace meat with mushrooms – If you replace three ounces of ground beef with one cup of chopped white button mushrooms, you’ll be 197 calories lighter.
  • Substitute rice with chopped or shredded veggies – A huge difference of 242 calories here.
  • Use a bed of lettuce instead of your burrito’s tortilla – While you won’t be able to eat this meal while driving, you will save 282 calories. (FoxNews.com)