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Surgery or chiropractic?

by Nikki Montgomery

Many people suffer from back pain and some people opt for surgery to try to fix it, but wouldn't it be nice to treat back pain without being laid up for weeks healing from invasive surgery? In many cases Chiropractic is a viable alternative to surgery. If you've been told you need surgery it may behoove you to get a second opinion. The doctors at Draeger Chiropractic and Laser Center in Weston or Antigo might be able to help you and second opinions don't cost you a dime. If they feel that they can't help you they will tell you.

As I discussed in a previous blog they do a comprehensive exam to determine your problems and come up with a treatment plan which could be as simple as regular adjustments to as complex as laser treatment or spinal decompression. 

Here are three great reasons to get a second opinion if you've been told you need surgery:

  1. Verify a Diagnosis - two different doctors can look at the same medical file and give you two different conditions and treatment options. 
  2. Explore All Treatment Options - What treatment plan fits your needs? What are the potential risks and benefits? Are there other treatment options that are less risky?
  3. Find a Doctor You Trust - It's important that the doctor treating you listens to you and takes the time to answer all your questions.
Chiropractic adjustments sound a lot better than surgery to me. With complimentary consultations wouldn't a visit to Draeger Chiropractic be worth your while?
In Weston you can meet with Dr. Kevin Ritzenthaler, Dr. Jim Shebuski, or Dr. Colleen Boling. In Antigo you can see Dr. Curt Draeger or Dr. Lindsy Jaworski. Different doctors have different adjusting techniques so you can find a doctor that is a good fit for you. 
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