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Gravity teaser trailer

by Matt Z

Gravity was written/directed by Alfonso Cuaron and stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock:

I think you can figure out the plot pretty quickly.  Let me say this, I'm not a big fan of Sandra Bullock. I have been pretty vocal about my belief that she should not have won the Oscar for The Blindside (Gabourey Sidibe or Carey Mulligan were more deserving).  It may be the fact that I don't like her much as an actress that I am already annoyed by her in the trailer.  If the movie contains much more of her faking panic and gasping, than the trailer already does, I may walk out.  On the other hand, I love Clooney and Cuaron as the writer/director is a big plus.  

Cuaron has written Y Tu Mama Tambien, Paris, je t'aime and Children of Men among others.  He also directed those three and I recommend checking them all out, especially Children of Men.  

Gravity  is scheduled to be released on October 4th, 2013.