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Just Keeps Getting Better!

by Katie Schurk

Brody just passed the five month mark and we are quickly coming up on 6 months.  My sister asked me the other day when he was born, did I just stare at him and think wow, he is amazing.  I will admit, probably not.  Yes, I would stare at him and think about how adorable he is and how much I love him...but lately I can not get enough of my kid!  He is growing daily and starting to interact with us and now I will just sit back and think, wow my kid is awesome!

For the first time this last weekend he reached for me.  What an awesome feeling.  For a few months the Diesel and I have held out our arms to him before we pick him up just to see if he would do anything.  Well he finally did.  Did the reach and the lean.  I was ecstatic!  My favorite part of the day with him is mornings.  He is just so happy!  Doing mornings I rarely get the opportunity to spend the morning with him, so on vacation this week, I soaked it up!

                                            Morning snuggles with Daddy!