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Yelling at your child - as bad as slapping them?

by Corey Carter

How often to do you YELL at your kids?

Here is an interesting piece from Jerry Del Colliano about how Yelling at your kids is as harmful as hitting them.

My wife thinks I  yell too often. I only yell when:

  1. The kids are in immediate danger (which is extremely rare...ie: running towards the end of the driveway on the way out to the mini-van.)
  2. I've asked multiple times for one of our kids to STOP doing something (ie: climbing, grabbing things they shouldn't out of the counter.)
  3. When one of them physically attacks another one
  4. When it's time for nap and my boys are running around their room laughing/playing/screaming and they need to take a nap.  (Usually I'll give them 10-15min before I unleash the fury...)  

When I yell, it's loud...but quick. You could say I'm the "bad cop" , but since Mom is the "good cop" it seems to work out okay.  Our kids behave pretty well.  But read the article and you could get some different perspective...I know I did. 

Photo courtesy of: By D. Sharon Pruitt from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, USA [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons