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Back to School! Say, what's for lunch?

by David Kuharski

Flash yourself back to your school days.  Remember that (not so) TASTY! lunch?  Oh boy!  Couldn't wait to get to the cafeteria with all of the older women serving what resembled food--but was, instead, disgusting nutritional sustenance.  Maybe you weren't 'paid lunch kid'--but instead a 'bagged lunch kid'--or MAYBE you were sporting that fancy Transformers, Hot Wheels or G-I Joe lunch box and matching cooler!  I can remember both.  Most of the time I was brown bagging it.  PB&J, bologna, salami, tuna fish--you name it--my Mom made it.  In fact, it was during my school days when I developed my intense hatred of CHUNKY peanut butter!  (EWWWW!  Seriously?  Nope, not gonna eat it!)

But by my H.S. years I had discovered that the school snack machines were an able and satisfactory replacement for my brown bag lunch (Mom stopped making them and I was too lazy to pick up the slack).  So, most lunches saw me either with some buddies or by myself munching on chips, cookies or pretzels.  In my other hand was that can of sugary pop.  I find it fascinating that at the time no-one thought that my food choices, much like the other teens at my school, was possibly contributing to my sub A grades.  I wonder how things might've been different if I had taken advantage of the healthier foods, especially if the machines were gone as they are now. 

Fast forward to now... First Lady Michelle Obama has been championing healthy food in school.  However, just as you or I might dig a fresh salad or lightly grilled chicken breast with steamed veggies--it turns out not everyone is buying into the plan.  Check this out and you'll understand...


So when your 3rd grader comes home and asks you to make a brown bag lunch for them--or your 11th grader asks for a tuna fish sandwich in tin foil packed away with cookies, apple and a cooler full of juice, in a Transformer's lunch box, you'll be able to sympathize with them.

By Visitor7 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons