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Blessed to Have Cousins

by Nikki Montgomery

I have awesome cousins don't get me wrong, but my cousins live all over the country. My closest ones are in Ohio and Michigan. My Michigan cousins were quite a bit older than me so I didn't know them very well growing up, so I was closest to my Ohio cousins. I got to see them a couple times a year in a good year. My cousin, Todd, the middle child in that family used to come stay with us in the summer. He did that for 4 years and that was pretty awesome. He's 4 years older than I am. His sister Tricia is a year older than me so she and I were pretty close too though we never got to spend as much time together as I did with Todd. I always loved getting to see my cousins in Maine too, but that was every few years.

I love that Mia has all her cousins close. I hope she realizes how blessed she is that she gets to see them all a couple times a month rather than a couple times a year. Her cousins are all such awesome kids. 

Kallee is the oldest at 12 and she is amazing with the little ones. She has a brother who is about 2 years older than Mia and a sister 6 months younger than Mia. 

Hayden is the next oldest cousin, he's 6, he loves Mia so much! He fawns over his little sister (5 months younger than Mia) and Mia.

Cole is 2 years older than Mia and his little sister is 6 months younger than Mia. Cole plays so good with the younger girls. 

Mia loves them all so much. I think the 4 girls all the same age are going to be trouble someday, but it sure is going to be fun to watch them all grow up together. 

This new baby is going to be the youngest of the cousins, but I hope he/she has lots of good experiences growing up with all the cousins too.

Did you grow up with cousins close to you? Do you have lots of fond memories of growing up together?