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Free stuff for multiples

by Nikki Montgomery

The day we found out we were having twins my hubby started running numbers. Daycare will cost this much...the trade in value on our car is this much so we can get a new vehicle that costs this much...diapers will cost us roughly this much each week...and so on and so on. Those dollar signs added up fast and that didn't even include the gear and clothes we have to buy.

So in preparation for the arrival of our twins we have been on the lookout for deals and discounts on pretty much everything. Lucky for me I work with a mom of twins and she has been very helpful sharing tips with me.

She told me that there are a bunch of companies that offer a multiples discount, but you have to send them copies of the babies' birth certificates to verify. Then they send you coupons and free stuff. Companies like Gerber, Beechnut, Huggies, Similac and many more. 

For other mothers of multiples here are some links that list these companies and what you need to do to get the discounts and free stuff.



If you are a parent of multiples and you know of more great places for good deals please comment below. 

Saving money is important to most of us, but when you know you're going to need two of everything it's even more important.