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Bailing the lawn...

by Mark Cartwright

I know I should have done it right away, but the weather was too nice, and hey, I'm a busy man.  But I couldn't help but notice that my dogs were having a difficult time negotiating my back yard.  It seems the grass had really sprung up, and now my dogs, or should I say my wife's dogs, were having difficulty finding a spot to do their morning routine.  The first mow of the year is always a pain for me.  You see,  we have two mowers:  A self propelled push mower, and a John Deere tractor - with attachments.  In the winter, I "attach" a snow thrower to the front, and in the summer, I take the snow thrower off, and "attach" a mower deck.  Sounds simple doesn't it?  Well, it's not.  Even though I received a manual with the contraption, it really doesn't explain anything very well.  The first winter I had it, it took me three weeks to hook it up correctly, and that was with the help of my mechanically inclined brother in law.  There was a lot of cursing involved.  One day in the spring, I came home to find my snow thrower removed, and my John Deere tractor in the back yard with the mower attachment securely in place.  Wow!  Terrific!  My brother in law had stopped by while I was away playing with the band, and swapped it for me.  Unfortunately, I wasn't there to watch the process, therefore when it came time to swap it back, it took me all afternoon to get the mower deck off.  (More cursing.)  This time it only took my three days to put the snow thrower on.  Unfortunately, that was the winter where we didn't get any snow, and therefore, it was a waste of time.  Back to spring and attaching the mower deck.  I spent four hours trying to figure the thing out, but I got it!  I mowed the back yard in twenty minutes.  And here's the catch.  With the mower deck on, I can't drive through the backyard gate.  Therefore, I have to use the self propelled push mower to mow the front and sides of the house, while the John Deere gets it's necessary rest.  Here's to being a homeowner.