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Former Sioux Falls Drummer Makes Rollingstone.com

by Mark Cartwright

When I saw this article, it made me grin, and say, "No way... it's Dean!!"  I auditioned for Dean's band in a warehouse in Sioux Falls way back in the 80's.  I don't remember what the name of the band was, as it didn't pan out, but I do remember we all had a great time playing some of the music of the time, and it was a pretty good little jam session.  I also remember it was the first time I met Dean Zimmer, and I was impressed.  Dean was a great guy, and a rock solid drummer.  I had already heard of him, because a couple very close friends had recently played in a band called Flat Cat with him, and they had told me all about how amazing he was, and how I just wouldn't believe what he could do, and how he did it.

You see, Dean was in a wheelchair. 

Dean has arthrogryposis.  It's a rare congenital disorder that makes it difficult to move his joints.  That never mattered to him.  He just loved to drum.

Every so often over the years, I would ask about him, as I knew he moved away, but nobody seemed quite sure where he was or how he was doing.

Apparently, he was just hanging out and jamming with legendary drummer, Gregg Bissonette.  (David Lee Roth, and Ringo's All-Star Band.)

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