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Hold 47 Million Tunes on ONE Cassette!

by Mark Cartwright

Think your old cassette case is useless? The answer is yes. Because you'll only ever need to carry one in your car, or anywhere else.

Sony has introduced a new cassette tape, and it holds a LOT of data. How much? How about 180 terabytes? You read that right. You can now store the equivalent of about 47 million songs, or 3,700 Blu-ray discs, on one... say it with me... cassette .

I'm no scientist, but from what I understand, they are able to shrink the magnetic particles on the tape that store data to ridiculously small. Unfortunately, if you're thinking about popping one in your 1982 Craig PowerPlay under dash deck, complete with fast forward and tone control, you're out of luck. Apparently though the tape can hold the enough data to store all of the existing boring vacation home movies on North America, the tape takes too long to retrieve data to make it "practical" for jamming out to Loverboy.