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Julia Louise Dreyfus Great, but I'll take Carol Burnett

by Mark Cartwright

With people predicting that Julia Louise Dreyfus is going to tie the "First Lady of Television," Lucille Ball in Emmy wins, I began to think about another incredibly talented lady.

The Carol Burnett show ran for eleven years on CBS.  As a kid, I loved that show.  Carol could sing.  Carol could dance.  Carol was not only quick witted, she could pull off physical comedy with the best of them.  Something as simple as the walk of her famous secretary character Mrs. Wiggins, transformed a simple character into a giggle fit for the audience.  Take into consideration that the comedic genius of Tim Conway and Harvey Korman played second fiddle to Carol, and you begin to see how talented Carol really is.

If Lucille Ball is the First Lady of Television - and she certainly deserves that title - then Carol Burnett is royalty in her own right.  And that means Julia Louise Dreyfus is amongst some great company.