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Shaun White Injured On Sochi Slope--and the hits just keep on coming

by Christy Taylor

While it's reportedly just a jammed wrist, it's certainly not a good sign when athletes are dropping left and right while simply practicing for the games! 

AP Reported this news from Sochi:

Through two days of practice runs in the Russian mountains above Sochi, the course at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park has already taken out one of the favorites, Torstein Horgmo of Norway, who broke a collarbone while riding through the rails Monday.

On Tuesday, shortly after White's minor injury, Marika Enne of Finland fell hard and hit her head at the end of her run. She was taken off the course on a stretcher with a concussion.

"It's frustrating to see it," White said. "It puts a damper on the whole mood and it's kind of like you're getting ready to do a big trick and you see something like that. Intimidating. Unfortunate. I'm hoping the builders can make some changes and the course has a little more of a friendly vibe. But I can't change the course. Just doing the best I can."

Rider after rider said the same thing. As Tuesday's training session was winding down, a large cluster of snowboarders and their coaches met at the base for a discussion of what changes need to be made before Thursday.

Canada's Mark McMorris, one of the favorites in this event, said the take-off ramps are built "kind of obnoxiously tall." One theory is they were overbuilt to compensate for melting, which could come if temperatures remain above freezing as they have this week.

But dangerous?

"I don't think it's dangerous," McMorris said. "Snowboarding's dangerous. But crossing the street is dangerous, too."

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