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Greg Jennings reaction to his quarterback from last night is priceless.

by Jon Henseler

What's the old saying? A picture is worth a thousand words? Ding ding ding! Or in this case a 'Vine' is worth a thousand words. Or maybe more? I dunno I'm still not sure how this sorcery works. Either way I'm willing to bet that Craig wouldn't mind being back with 'that guy' in Green Bay. Where's Jen Bielema when you need her; #karma.

PS: Just going back to our post-game blog yesterday and Ryan Longwell getting booed mercilessly at Lambeau, what in the world is going to happen to Greg Jennings on November 24th? Not only did he leave for the Vikings but he was basically a modern day Martin Luther airing every grievance he had with Green Bay on his way out.