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Does a 300 really matter?

by Jason Miller

Do you know the name Troy Walker?  More than likely not unless you actually know him or you have seen his Youtube video.  Why would write about this?  Great question but then it occurred to me that this goes across many lines in the sporting world.  Lets set the table shall we.

First one that comes to mind is Don Majkowski.  In the Cincinnati Bengals game, in 1992, Majkowski tore a ligament in his ankle, where one Brett Favre came in and never gave up the starting role to Majkowski.  So is Brett Favre, "the Majik" mans bowling lane arm?

Next up is...Does the name Drew Bledsoe mean anything to you?  Of course it does because if were not for the hit from Jets linebacker Mo Lewis, would we know about Tom Brady?  Did Tom Brady drop down and keep Drew from bowling a 300?

In 2003 Kurt Warner lost his job to journeyman quarterback Marc Bulger.  He also lost the starting job in New York to first round draft choice, Eli Manning.  Oh wait does that one even count?  Okay to stay with the exercise we will accept it.  Now did Kurt Warner go on and had he won games, yes but if not for that damn "Lane Arm" Warner wouldn't have lost his job. 

In 1925 something crazy happened.  There was a great first baseman by the name of Wally Pipp. He got a headache and some guy named Lou Gehrig ended up taking his job.

In 1982 one, Carney Lansford ended up hurting his ankle during a game, which lead to a rookie at the time taking his spot.  Who was that guy, Wade Boggs.  The Red Sox later traded Lansford away to Oakland.  Now in this comparison, Lansford did end up being the starting Third baseman for the A's from 1988 to 1992.  But Lansford in 1981, won the American League batting title in the strike-shortened season, becoming the league's first right-handed hitter to do so in 11 years.  So it was no easy task of taking his job.  

One of the things that we fall in love with sports is the guy who comes from no where and leads your team to victory.  Rarely, do we love the guy who, use to be.  But let this video below be a reminder.  If you ever have a chance at greatness, make sure you go for it.  Just hope a lane arm doesn’t come down on ya.