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What's it like back there?

by Jason Miller

For a few years now, I’ve been the guy who gets our Sports Director here in Green Bay the audio from the visiting locker room.  It’s just the audio from interviews that you hear and I’m just the guy who gets a tiny mention at the end of the movie.  Well I guess now, they decided we need a look into what goes on, around the visiting side of things at Packer home games.  I will be letting you behind the scenes where only a select few are allowed. 

Here’s the first look, and we start the pre-season, with the Arizona Cardinals.  They are a class organization with a coach who, like all coaches, likes to win.  Coach Arians was can I say happy.  Although one of the greatest things I heard from him in his post-game interview was, when he was asked if he still was going to yell at the team despite their win.  He says, start yelling, I already yelled them(with a grin on his face).  Coach came to the podium and here is the behind the scene shot.

Next up is Carson Palmer.  The only thing I have to say about his interview is that he much taller than I expected.  Very gracious in answering questions and gave great answers.  I really can’t tell you any more than that because I was so surprised by his height.  I guess when they say he’s 6’5” they mean it.  Here’s Palmer leaving the interview room for the visitor’s locker room. 

Next home game against Seattle, there will be more pics.  It was pre-season for us too and we have worked out some bugs and I will have locker room pictures.  Till then, from your visiting locker room correspondent…I’m Jason Miller.