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Do You Believe Ryan Braun?

by Tom King

Ryan Braun returned from the DL for the Brewers earlier this week and was cheered when he came to the plate. This despite the ESPN report which says that Braun and others will be facing long suspensions which will be announced after the All-Star break.

Major League baseball says that report is premature and Braun continues to deny all use of PEDS and any connection to the Biogenesis clinic except through his lawyers who were allegedly using the clinic as advisors in their defense of Braun in the earlier case. Braun escaped punishment in that case on a technicality and its not hard to believe that MLB would love to put the hammer down this time after being embarrassed in the earlier case.

If a suspension comes, the Brewers would love to have it happen ASP as this season is a lost cause anyway. That's not going to happen.You can expect hearings and appeals and delays...so I would bet any suspensions for Braun, Arod or any other player will not ahppen until next season.

The Brewers have built their team and salary structure around Ryan Braun.He has many endorsements and a Milwaukee area resturant. Before this he was probably the 2nd most popular athlete in Wisconsin behind Aaron Rodgers. The fans at Miller Park this week are willing to believe Braun's claims of innocence...or at least not care about the PED issue as long as he's on the field.

The bigger issue is trust. Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong continued to deny until the evidence became overwhelming. Braun continues to deny and even refused to answer questions from investigators. The cheers this week not withstanding...sports fans have shor memories but in this case, at least outside of Wisconsin...Braun will be tainted goods for the rest of his career