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It's Exciting...But Jeez Is It Long.

by Tom King

day, June 20, 2013 4:13 a.m. by Tom King

We've talked about how exciting the current playoff finals have been in both the NBA and NHL. The Heat and Spurs have played some games that have been decsribed as some of the best ever. Meanwhile the Blackhawks and Bruins just keep giving us OT after OT after OT.  My problem, if you can call it that, is that Friday is the first day of summer. Maybe I'm just old but I can remember when pro hoops and hockey were winter sports and the playoffs went into late May or early June at the latest. By now many people, including me are involved in activities that keep us outside and away from our TV screens. I realize that with today's mobile technology we can watch almost anything wherever we are...but isnt the point of doing outdoor activites to enjoy the outdoors? The answer is simple of course...shorter regular seasons. Many of the regular season games feature exhausted players going thru the motions, nursing nagging injuries and just trying to survive until playoff time. The NHL featured a truncated schedule this year because of the lockout...what if that compressed schedule was stretched out over the regular season? Fewer games...less meaningless games...get to the playoffs sooner and finish up the hockey & basketball seasons before the leaves have fully bloomed. It will never happen of course...fewer games means less cash...and as we are constantly reminded...in pro sports it always comes down to that.