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What would you do?

by Cade

Watching the Homerun Derby got me thinking about how cool it would be to crush a baseball 500-feet.  But, my mind didn't stop wandering at baseball.  What if you could have one super skill?  I must establish a few parameters to fully answer such a thought provoking question.  The first being, you can't profit off your new found skill.  For instance, if you decide that your super skill was launching a baseball into the atmosphere, that doesn't mean that you would all of a sudden become a great ballplayer.  So, no going pro with your new talents.  And, it has to be a trait that people possess.  Super-powers like flying, unlimited strength or invisibility don't count.  The final parameter is that you will stink at the rest of your game.  So, let the fun begin!  

My favorite two sports as a fan are baseball and football.  Let's start there.  I relish the thought of hitting homeruns on command.  Plus, chicks dig the long ball.  But, rarely am I ever out on a ball diamond anymore.  Keeping in mind that you will suck at the rest of the sport, what could you do in football?  It would be cool to lace a 60-yard throw down field or boot a 70-yard field goal.  But, if I can't actually play in the NFL, pointless.  You could think about bench pressing a ton of iron.  That might come in handy if a building ever falls on your face.  You could reach into the more bizarre sports like archery or soccer and probably come up with some unique skill set.  Bicycle kick!  I've always wanted to dunk a basketball, that would certainly be towards the top of my list.  But, after a few beers and way too much thought, I've decided what my super skill would be.  I want to crush a golf ball straight and 400-yards down the fairway.  I came to this conclusion after thinking about what sport I still get to enjoy most often.  Plus, the rest of my golf game is crap.  I would continue to suck at pitching and putting, but I'd no longer own the shame of not hitting my drive past the ladies tee box.  What would you do?  Hit me up and let me know on Twitter.  @cade1037

My Top 3

1. Driving a golf ball 400-yards

2. Slam-dunk

3. Homeruns

*image courtesy of Pixabay.com