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Expect Higher Cable/Satellite Bills..Thanks to Sports!

by Craig Mattick

You can thank the "Worldwide Leader" for future spikes in your cable or satellite bill.

What if you're not a sports fan?  Too bad, you are going to pay more, too.

Right now, ESPN charges cable companies more than $5 every month for every subsriber they have. ESPN2 charges $0.68 per customer.  According to the website, www.whatyoupayforsports.com, ,100 million people in the U.S pay for ESPN and ESPN2.

What is ESPN paying for the broadcast rights for the NFL?  MLB?  NBA?

Your answer?

ESPN pays the NFL $1.1 billion per year.  $600 million per year for the NBA.  $610 million for the Bowl Championship Series.  Only $360 million per year for Major League Baseball.  Total all of ESPN's holdings, including games involving the NCAA, Wimbledon and FIFA,  and those expenses for broadcast rights will come to a staggering cost of $3.5 billion...a year.  ESPN just announced they will renew their contract with the Little League World Series and will now pay double ($7.5 million per year) what they did in their last contract.

Figures from www.whatyoupayforsports.com also says ESPN made $3.3 billion in advertising last year. Experts in the broadcast field say subscriber fees for cable and satellite will be going up. Whether you watch sports or not, ESPN will get about $70 of your money every year if you subscribe to cable or satellite TV.  Go ahead and add all of the other cable channels out there...and they are all charging your cable or satellite company a fee for every subsriber they have.

Something will have to give.  

It will be interesting to see how much Americans will be willing to pay for cable and satellite, when the biggest cost of the monthly bill is for sports.  I think you'll still get the sports channels, but less of the other channels, to keep the monthly fees down.