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5 Things (+1) I Know- Fantasy Edition- Week 2

by Chris Tubbs

Number One- Don’t Bail Yet

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin knows he needs to get David Wilson the ball. He’s said as much. Da'Rel Scott and Brandon Jacobs had 14 touches for 36 yards in the loss to Denver? The Giants can’t have Eli Manning throwing the ball has much as he has, seven interceptions and no wins.  They know they have to establish a running game.  As frustrating as his first couple of weeks have been (and I own him in a couple leagues), I’m not cutting bait on him quite yet. Scott and Jacobs don’t strike me as guys that can cut into his fantasy value on a consistent basis. Now if we’re still in this boat two weeks from now, then we can reassess.

Number Two- Clarity in Denver?

One week after saying that I wouldn’t touch the Denver running back fiasco that is the three headed monster (Ball/Hillman/. Moreno) until we got an idea of who might establish himself as the lead dog, we may have our answer, and it’s not who we would have thought going into the regular season. With LT Ryan Clady officially going on IR, Knowshon Moreno (by default and because he’s the best in pass protection could very well establish himself as the top guy in Denver. Does that mean much? It means he’s going to be on the field more than Hillman or Ball. Beyond that, who knows? But the door is open just a crack for Moreno, the question is can he do it. So far he’s looked slow and plodding. I still have my doubts.

Number Three- Royal Pain

Someone had to be the main target for Philip Rivers. Many of us (me included) thought Danario Alexander would be that guy, but we should have known that he couldn’t be counted on and boom, down he goes with a torn ACL. Malcolm Floyd left week two with a scary neck injury and Eddie Royal has stepped up nice.ly Ten catches from 14 targets with five touchdowns is a crazy start to the season. The odds say he can't keep up this pace, although he’s clearly supplanted Keenan Allen and Vincent Brown as THE guy in San Diego. His 2008 rookie season in Denver (91-980-5) tells me he has the staying power.

Number Four- Jump on Hopkins

More than anyone else in this years wide receiver draft class, I love DeAndre Hopkins. He’s got a crazy skillset and as he proved in week 2 he can be targeted to make the big play. Andre Johnson is getting a little long in the tooth and the Texans have never had a real running mate for him. That may have officially changed. Houston’s offense is still predicated on running the ball, but this may be just what the doctor ordered. And going up against Jacksonville, Tennessee and Indianapolis two times a year doesn’t hurt. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up being the top fantasy rookie wide receiver at the end of the season.

Number Five- Where Cordarrelle?

Minnesota Vikings fans were thrilled (most were), on draft day when General Manager Rick Spielman traded three picks to New England to get back into the first round and grab dynamic, albeit raw wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson. He was billed as a “bigger, faster, stronger” Percy Harvin. So after flashing some skills in the pre-season and playing a combined six snaps in the first two games, there was some question about what the Vikings are (not) doing. This comes on the heels of a 105 yard kickoff return for a touchdown to begin the game in Chicago. Vikings Coach Leslie Frazier said it will be “rectified” when asked about his lack of playing time. Something to monitor going forward is not only Patterson as the player, but also the Vikings Defense and Special Teams for those that get awarded kickoff return touchdowns, which is pretty much everyone.

BONUS: Cleveland, umm... rocks? 

I was a Trent Richardson fan coming into the year. I had high expectations that he could surpass his rookie season (950 yards and 11 touchdowns). Considering what the Browns gave up last year in the draft to move up one spot to get him, I was as shocked as anyone when he was dealt to Indianapolis. I was immediately asked, well who takes his spot? Willis McGahee is the horizon, assuming he passes his physical. The current starting tailback Chris Rainey has a career total of zero carries. Chris Ogbonnaya may be the third down back and get a few catches in the meantime. Sounds like McGahee will be the guy to target, but we won’t know roles for at least a couple weeks. Temper your expectations.  

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