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Peralta Embrace Exposes Uncomfortable Truth

by Nick Vitrano

Jhonny Peralta returned to the Detroit lineup September 27th, following a 50-game suspension for his role in the Biogenesis PED scandal.  Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater…liar, liar, pants on fire.  Right? 

Well yeah, but that was before he batted .417 in the playoffs.

Just a couple months ago, Peralta sat exposed as one of the Biogenesis 12, issuing an apology of admittance and regret.  He (like the others) stood as the personification of all that was wrong and evil in the game, and a shiny trophy for the MLB brass. 

Today?  You could hear the chants all the way to So-Cal: JHONNY – JHONNY – JHONNY!  A 3-run bomb in game 4 to break Detroit out of its offensive slumber, and a .417 BA will make people forgive one’s follies pretty quickly, I guess.  It's not surprising.  Our hypocrisy knows no bounds.  That brand of preferential treatment is as old as the game itself.

The short memories that dominate the Jhonny Peralta postseason embrace expose an uncomfortable truth in sports – if a dude produces results, he can pretty much do anything and we’ll be cool with it.  I’m not against forgiveness.  I believe in second chances and respect that Jhonny Peralta never offered an excuse for his lapse in judgment.  He took his penalty, served his time, and ought to be welcomed back.

But make no mistake – if Peralta had sported a .117 BA en route to an ALDS bouncing, the cries would be far different.  

Tease Image: Keith Allison on Flickr  via Wikimeda Commons