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Not Quite Ten Forward

by David Kuharski

Who are your Iconic Sci-Fi heroes?  Han Solo?  James Tiberiius Kirk...

For me, one of my larger-than-life science fiction figures was Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D.  Watching 'Star Trek The Next Generation' became a staple of every Saturday night in the Kuharski house.  In fact, I can remember the buzz between my parents and I--fixing supper--talking about last week's episode and wondering about this week's new episode!  It was an infection I shared with my nephews and now--my kids.  Caleb has the 'Star Trek Klingon Collection'--where Worf is on the cover--sitting on his book shelf.  Time travel back to Christmas Eve 2010--that was one of my shopping picks!

So imagine my reaction to seeing the actor who portrayed Captain Picard outside of Ten Forward--not enjoying a replicated cup of Earl Grey--feasting on a staple of American cuisine?  When I get home tonight I'm going to show Caleb the picture with this article-- he'll be an even larger pizza fanatic!