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  • Mark Cartwright

    On Air: Daily, 6am - 9am

    Mark Cartwright has been an entertainer for most of his life. His first true stage memory is doing impromptu stand-up ...

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  • JJ McKay

    On Air: Daily, 9am - 2pm

    JJ McKAY: JJ has been working in radio and television in a full or part-time capacity since 1977 when she ...

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  • Jay Fox

    On Air: Daily, 2pm - 7pm

    Jay has enjoyed playing the hits for 4 decades now. He is so driven by music and the history of ...

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  • Scott O'Brien

    Scott literally grew two inches in one day at age 15, when doctors straightened a curve in his spine and ...

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  • Kent Richards

    Kent’s love of music, the entertainment industry, and electronics has made his 30+ years in radio less of a ...

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